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Our Mission

Our mission is to help organizations working at the frontiers of social change maximize their impact.

What We Do


Our clients address some of the most challenging issues and needs of our time. GivingWorks provides value through pattern recognition, idea synthesis, and opportunity detection to help our clients articulate and organize their aspirations within a clear and compelling strategic framework.


Strategy & Business Model Design

Driving real social impact requires developing strong foundational business structures that support an organization’s goals and purpose.

Partnership & Stakeholder Engagement

Understanding and creating real value from the individuals and entities that organizations are both supported by and seek to serve.

Learning & Performance Management

Bringing an expertise and “fresh set of eyes” to the opportunities and challenges organizations face when seeking to drive significant market changes.


Executive Leadership Coaching

Knowing, sharpening, and enhancing the value and capability of leaders at the highest levels on an individual and organizational basis.

Areas of Focus

GivingWorks provides a seasoned, outside perspective on how effectively organizations are solving complex and consequential global issues. We revisit long-held assumptions through a rigorous engagement that is rooted in listening, keen analysis, and the pursuit of underlying truths and sound rationale.


We thrive in answering challenging questions and welcome the opportunity to support clients across topics and industries, including:



  • Philanthropic Effectiveness 

  • Climate Change and Sustainability

  • Life Transitions: Youth, Employment, Aging, Migration

  • Equity, Inclusion and Pluralism

  • Private Sector Role in Development

  • Financial Inclusion

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