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From Insight to Impact TM

Challenges are constant for those who will change the world.

Understand how to pivot with purpose and amplify your social impact with GivingWorks.

GivingWorks is an experienced and dedicated firm with global impact.

Fresh Thinking

Across industries and sectors, GivingWorks provides value by generating actionable insights through pattern recognition, idea synthesis, and creative problem-solving.

Customized Solutions

By asking the right questions and listening attentively, GivingWorks helps clients interrogate underlying assumptions, unpack root causes, and pinpoint critical drivers in their internal and external environments.

Change Agents

GivingWorks helps clients reach their social impact potential. We untangle complexity and design practical strategies for significant, measurable, and transformative results. 

Alongside our clients, we lend our expertise exactly where it is needed with a personalized approach.

It is with great sadness that we note the passing of Dr. Donald Kennedy on April 21, 2020. Dr. Kennedy, a beloved mentor, continuously served on our Advisory Board since our founding in 2002.

Don Kennedy’s work and vision during his 12 year presidency of Stanford University defined its tremendously successful trajectory in the late 20th and early 21st century. As editor-in-chief of Science, he offered passionate and clear-headed views on the intersection of science and society. To us at GivingWorks, he gifted us wise and thoughtful counsel and support at every step along our journey. He was a brilliant biologist, a serious environmentalist, a committed public servant, a devoted teacher, and above all, a gracious, generous and humorous friend. I first met Don in the mid-1980s as a student at Stanford, and he immediately took me under his wings. He enthusiastically supported every community service venture I launched from then on, and even hosted a benefit concert at his home featuring the legendary Stan Getz. It is an irony that a man who spent his professional life advocating for science-informed health policy would be felled by Covid-19, a pandemic whose spread in the United States could have been significantly averted had science been allowed to guide our national response from the outset.

Please read more about Dr. Kennedy's life of service here.

- Nazir Ahmad, President, GivingWorks, 4/2020

What clients are saying about GivingWorks...

“GivingWorks played a useful catalytic role in helping us to think differently, to overcome sectoral parochialism, and to help us concentrate on delivering results rather than inputs….”

Country Director, The World Bank

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